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A friend gave me a sample of Bee Sure and I already notice a difference. Order 1 Bag of BeeSURE Thank you. Tami,


Hello Tami,
Thank you for your question. It's a good one and I've heard it a couple of times over the years.

Actually, BeeSURE is full of so many different digestive enzymes that BeeSURE contains the enzymes necessary to break down things like casein and lactose all by itself, along with any other junk that has been stuck inside your digestive system and needs to be evacuated.

So, if your body lacks sufficient quantities of digestive enzymes to break down and fully digest casein, lactose, etc., BeeSURE will help do it for you.

We receive messages from people who couldn't ever eat ice cream or drink milk because they believed that dairy was giving them a tummy ache.

But once they started drinking BeeSURE, they quickly discovered that they could enjoy a cup of hot chocolate made with fresh organic milk or a bowl of real vanilla ice cream, for the first time in their memory.

I believe it's just fine for you to order and drink BeeSURE for one week and then please send me a message detailing your experience.

Just mix your BeeSURE with apple juice (my favorite-Costco 2 pack of one gallon bottles of apple juice, fresh squeezed or organic)

So, try BeeSURE with apple juice and use a straw. I love drinking BeeSURE through a straw. It disappears so fast I'm left wanting more every time.
(Also, please give me your feedback in about a weeks time OK.)

BeeSURE contains over 200 nutrients and each 15 gram serving/scoop contains 10 grams of protein. When you drink BeeSURE with whole fruit juice you are adding carbohydrates and now have the closest thing to a complete SUPERFOOD meal that I know of.

Thank you for enduring this very long reply to your question.

I'll be waiting for your story Tami,

David Lofton, Owner

Comments = I've heard great things about your bee sure product.  It sounds worthy of trying, however I don't do dairy, I don't digest casein.  Have you heard of anyone else having this issue, and being able to use this product?



I'm trying to purchase the 1lb bag of BeeSure to send to my sister in CA and I can't figure how to log in.  I just started taking your BeeSure and I love it.  Can you give me some direction on signing up for a login account please?

Marilyn, WA


I have been taking Bee SURE for about 6 months now and I can say only good things about the product. Before I took it I was not doing well. I had no energy and wanted to sleep all the time and I was having bad bowel movements. Now that I am taking Bee SURE everything is back to normal and working well, and I have a lot more energy and don’t sleep all the time.

Thank you very much,

Arnold R. White (Arnie) 

I am going to order another 8 bags of Bee Sure. I gave one away and sold another to my 86 year-old neighbor. The bag I gave went to an elderly man who had undergone cancer surgery, heart attack and stroke. His wife told me that he had been despondent and depressed. I told them to give it at least a 30 day try - his wife said that within a couple days she noticed that he had more energy to go walking. Without knowing about Ron using the Bee Sure, an acquaintance commented that Ron seemed to be more alert with more energy and asked why. I appreciate the quality of Bee Sure and your commitment to have a heart to help people become and stay healthy. God bless your efforts because you care.


It was a pleasure to speak with you today and learn so much about old school and new school nutrition. Your BEE SURE product has certainly changed my life considering I can run again. Actually, I want to thank you for coming thru for all of us with your organic freeze dried acai powder. I have never had the real stuff before. I've ordered from all the internet companies and not once received Acai like yours. The fresh flavor and smell are both to die for, and are so intense thanks to your packaging. My friends are in heaven when I invite them over to enjoy your Acai Shake recipe. Thanks for the tip of mixing 2 scoops in a bowl of vanilla ice cream too, it's great


My husband is 59 yrs old and used original BEE SURE for 3.5 months while going thru law enforcement academy. His physical and mental scores ranked top notch; he did not get sick and performed in most areas higher than students half his age. Some did make fun of him as drinking his "sewer water". Then again, those folks had colds, etc. He originally contacted you a couple years back and requested that you include a probiotic in your formula - you followed up and thank you. 



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